About us

Why Candle & Co. is a curated collection of home scents that is conscious of both you and the Earth in mind. We are dedicated to creating all natural, vegan and minimal waste products that serves you and the planet. We donate 10% of our sales to charities that represent our why"s and make a differene in our local commnity. Join us on a journey to change you and the world we live in one why at a time.


“Why” is most easily defined as ones purpose, calling, conviction, and unique source of motivation. “Why” drives your core values and defines who you are—but more importantly, who you are meant to become. 


Legacy - planting seeds in a garden you will never get to see.

Bliss - Happiness is an emotion while bliss is a condition of the mind. 

Equality -Virtue can only flourish among equals.

Self Love - My life is a reflection of the love inside me. 


Giving Back

We donate 10% of sale to charity's that represent our companies why's. We strive to support charities that align with our mission and making a difference in our local communities. Togehter we can make a difference and change our world one why at a time.
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